The Unsung Masters Series        

"Admirable!" —The New York Times

"Combines scholarly rigor with poetic chutzpah!"  —The Kenyon Review


The Unsung Masters Series seeks to bring great, out-of-print, little-known authors to the attention of new generations of readers.  Each volume includes a large selection of original poetry or fiction as well as photographs, essays by various hands, interviews, and ephemera.  The Unsung Masters Series is curated by Kevin Prufer & Wayne Miller and published annually in cooperation with Pleiades Press, Copper Nickel, and Gulf Coast. Paperback editions are available free to subscribers of Pleiades and Gulf Coast and are distributed to the trade by Small Press Distribution.  Click here for the new Unsung Masters website.

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Volume 11

Wendy Battin

Edited by Charles Hartman, Martha Collins,

Pamela Alexander and Matthew Krajniak

More info / Purchase: $16.00

Unsung Masters Cover Laura Hershey 2019.

Volume 10

Laura Hershey

Edited by Meg Day & Niki Herd

More info / Purchase: $16.00

Volume 9

Adelaide Crapsey

Edited by Jenny Molberg & Christian Bancroft

More info / Purchase: $16.00

Volume 8

Belle Turnbill

Edited by David Rothman & Jeffrey Villines

More info / Purchase: $16.00

Volume 7

Beatrice Hastings

Edited by Benjamin Johnson & Erika Jo Brown

More info / Purchase: $12.99

Volume 6

Catherine Breese Davis

Edited by Martha Collins, Kevin Prufer, & Martin Rock

More info / Purchase: $12.99

Volume 5

Francis Jammes

Edited by Kathryn Nuernberger & Bruce Whiteman

More info / Purchase: $12.99

Volume 4

Russell Atkins

Edited by Kevin Prufer & Michael Dumanis

More info / Purchase: $12.99

Volume 3

Nancy Hale

Edited Dan Choan, Norah Hardin Lind, & Phong Nguyen

More info / Purchase: $12.99

Volume 2

Tamura Ryuichi

Edited Takako Lento & Wayne Miller

More info / Purchase: $12.99

Volume 1

Dunstan Thompson

Edited D. A. Powell & Kevin Prufer

More info / Purchase: $12.99